The outdoor spaces for catering are a way to increase turnover, wrapping a customer in search of open air in “green” settings. As happened in the last year in the United States, all out: it is the mantra, the must have, the refrain. After a winter of creative and daring solutions, including igloos, yurts, roofs equipped with transparent houses (as in the New York pop-up The Greens), tents equipped with air sanitization systems using UV-C rays and designers in the foreground to make the welcoming and distinctive environment, the outdoors prepares to face the summer. Customers, not only for any regulations, but above all for a sense of personal safety and desire for open spaces and fresh air, desire for sustainability and nature, will want to spend more and more of their time, and eat their meals, en plein air. to the case from the United States: the restaurants have been open for some time for lunch and dinner but in states like New York there are still restrictions regarding the access of customers to the internal premises. Indeed, the climate has really acted as a watershed last season, with Texas overwhelmed by an unusual wave of frost that had to run for cover - literally - with solutions from the far north while in cities like Miami the restaurants, after the first weeks of 'epidemic, they reopened by exploiting the exteriors, and animating courtyards, patios and sidewalks.The key to continuing to work was resilience and the reorganization of spaces, not only temporary, for the health standards that hopefully will recede over time, but also looking at a future in which the dialogue between internal and external spaces will be the norm.A survey launched by the magazine rd + d has shown that 62.5% of designers consider the improvement or expansion of external spaces as a factor to be take into consideration when designing new premises, while 21% believe it is essential to design flexible spaces. A necessity but also an opportunity: the outdoor areas will also win because they are a magnificent opportunity to bring their presence "on the street", highlighting the local offer with greater force. And emerging from the crowd, in the coming months and years, will truly be one of the keys to success.