Fungo a pellet

The line of pellet products Made in Italy

Bibò is our first certified Made in Italy pellet heating mushroom, a product with wich we have revolutionized the way to heat the environment. Ecological, functional and elegant are the keywords we are looking for in our entire product line. Each solution is designed for different spaces and needs. Browse the menu to find out about each product!!


By replacing the traditional LPG gas cylinder with the use of pellets, we obtain an ecological product, using as a raw material a renewable energy source that is obtained from waste materials (such as sawdust) thus avoiding further increasing deforestation. It is not combustion but pyrolysis: it allows the thermochemical decomposition of organic materials in the almost total absence of oxygen. From pyrolysis, to generate heat, three residues remain: one gaseous (syn gas), one liquid (due to the condensation of volatile fractions) and a solid called biochar, wich is able to store a high percentage of CO2, thus avoiding its realease into the atmosphere. 

wy do we say functional?

With our line, heating your environment will be easier then ever: forget the problems related to replacing and storing gas cylinders! Just load the tank with pellets of your choice, switch on, adjust the power as you prefer and it's done: it will have a heating autonomy of at least four hours and a heat radius of two meters. Anyone can turn it on without the classic risks due to gas and in total safety for themselves and your guests.


Each product has a simple and elegant design, its figure will fit perfectly into your environment participating in the decor in a functional way. Once its flame is lit it will warm your guests authentically, referring to the warmth of a fireplace: having an authentic fire helps to create a genuine and spontaneous conviviality, a mechanism that has been established in us since the dawn of time, when it was customary to gather around the fire. In addition, each product heats evenly: it does not concentrate the heat only in the upper part, an effect that can be unpleasant and annoying for those who are near the mushroom, but heats in the same way fot its entire height. You will be able to have all the qualities of a flame but without the related risks: in fact it will burn inside the borosilicate glass cylinder, protected by the grid which will remain at a lower temperature at the base in order to be completely safe even for the children.