Fungo a Pellet Ecologico

Fungo Riscaldante

The heating mushroom is a heat generator capable of heating more or less large outdoor spaces with different intensities according to the type of space to be heated. They represent a versatile and optimal solution for heating spaces such as verandas, porches, gazebos, but also areas intended for bars or restaurants with outdoor gardens. Thanks to their power and heating range, in fact, they can be used in commercial premises by the owners to accommodate their customers in open spaces even in autumn and winter. Our company specializes in the production and sale of certified Made in Italy heating mushrooms, and they are an innovative product thanks to the use of ecological material. Our products, in fact, are powered by pellets, an ecological material made from waste products, such as sawdust. In this way, not only will it be possible to safeguard the environment, but it will also be possible to save considerably, thanks to the convenient and advantageous price of the pellets. Heating the rooms with our heating mushroom will be easier than ever: it is in fact sufficient to load the tank with pellets of your choice and adjust the power to have a heat source outside with an autonomy of at least 4 hours and a range of heat of about two meters. If you are looking for an economical, ecological and functional way to heat your outdoor spaces, our heating mushroom is the perfect solution for you! Browse our online catalog now and find the product that best suits your needs and requirements!


Riscaldatore da Esterno

If you want to heat your outdoor spaces to be able to make the most of them even during the coldest seasons, our outdoor heater is the ideal solution for you! Our company specializes in the production and sale of heating pellet mushrooms, and thanks to its innovative and ecological products it has been able to establish itself in the area as a reference point for all those looking for an easy and economical solution to heat spaces. external. Each of our outdoor heaters has a simple and elegant design that allows it to fit and fit perfectly in any type of environment, participating in the furnishing in a functional way. Once lit, its flame will warm every person in its vicinity, referring to the warmth of a fireplace. In addition, each outdoor heater heats evenly: it does not concentrate the heat only in the upper part, but heats in the same way throughout its entire height. Thanks to our products you will be able to have all the qualities of a flame but without the related risks: in fact the fire will burn inside a borosilicate glass cylinder, sheltered by the grill which will remain at a lower temperature at the base, so as to be completely safe even for the children. If you are looking for a solution to heat your outdoor spaces in an ecological way and without spending a lot, our outdoor heater is for you! Browse our online store now to discover our entire line of products and to find the most suitable mushroom for you and your needs!



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